Customizable beer mats Bar special coasters beer coasters 048

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Model : BC15048

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(Beer Coaster, Paper Coaster)

Regular Size: 8cm 9cm 9.5cm 10cm 10.5cm 11cm

Regular Thickness: 0.5mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.5mm 3mm

MOQ: 10000PC

Color: Multicolor, Spot Color

Packaging: 100PC/Pack, 2000PC/Box, 20KG/Inner Box

Container Size: 45X43X32CM (Internal Dimension)

The packaging can be the sam the photo or be customized as client's requirement

1. it can be used as advertising accessories to improve the company's image. Colorful coasters can be printed company LOGO, for company promotion and advocacy.
2. the products are cheap, closer to people's lives, strong friction to prevent slipping glasses, cups. m also protect the desktop from burnt.


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