large wholesale customizable car air freshener 263

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Model : CAF15263

Product Detail
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Regular Size: 7X10CM

Regular Thickness: 2mm

MOQ: 10000PC

Color: Multicolor, Spot Color

Fragrance: Fruit, Flower, Perfum eries Products, or Customized as Client's Requirement

Packaging: Single Piece for a Pack; or can be customized sam the photo

Duration of Fragrance: 15 DAYS, 20DAYS, 30DAYS

Regular Packaging: 1000PC/Box, 15KG/Box

Product features:
1, It was made of high density cotton Board , double-sided printing process, special spices and Ion incense, can make the active ingredients released slowly, long tim to 30-60 days.
2,it have more than 100 kinds of flavor, pattern and shape is very colorful in appearance, can be hung on a variety of vehicles, bedroom bathroom nd other places, and can effectively eliminate air pollution components.
3, Fragrance is warm and rich, clear the air smell, refreshing, eliminate fatigue. long duration, powerful deodorizing function, full of fresh and natural feel.


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