Enterprise culture

Our Talent Concept
Highly qualified employee is company’s vital asset
The company offer all kinds of traning for employees for their career growth
The company will deal farely with differential region,culture employees; 
Employees’s contribution is synchronous growth with the resources which the company offered to employees;
The company’s development offered employees extensive individual development space;

Core Concepts
1. Co-create business, sharing fortune
Each progress of the enterprise is coming from employees’s efforts. Employees have reason to share the enterprise’s development results. The enterprise’s greatest wish is let every staff can develop self talent on the stage of Xiang An, to accomplish one’s career dream and dreams of fortune!

2. Degrees of ability equals to stage size
The enterprise will offer you the according stage with your degrees of ability.To make little use of great talent is irresponsible for the talent;
to make great use of ordinary employees is irresponsible for the enterprise.

Employee Concept
1. Trust and respect
We advocate mutual respect and mutual trust. We fairly treat with every employee, and we are full of hope for each employee’s self development potential. We required employee’s loyalty and discussion work issue by sincere attitude。

2.Loyalty and dedication
We are looking forward loyal,dedicated employees do their best for the company’s development.

3. Teamwork
We value team spirits,encourage accomplishments together by cooperation,teamwork,resources sharing.

Career development
1.Career planning system
For the new staff, we will make a set of career planning by the employee’s self properties, emphasis on the employee’s values, create a self encourages,self discipline, promoting excellent talent stand out from the crowd mechanism.

2. On-the-job training system
Division multiple layer training based on the post nature,promotes employee’s professional degree and professional skill, cultivate and create a professional ethics good,technology,business skilled high quality team. Promote employee talent and enterprise’s core competence, satisfy the company’s sustainable development requirements. While giving enough play space for each staff,encourage lifelong learning,emphasize on value of knowledge and value of study etc.

3. Core employee cultivation
Forecast by the enterprise’s strategic development objectives,deeply find the enterprise’s core needs, cultivate core competence top talent, and bring the core talent training program into enterprise talents strategic management.
Xiang An will build a closely relevant to the personal quality career paths, enable you to fly your dreams in Xiang An, make greater success and progress together,sharing the brilliant future!

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