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100%degradable environmentally friendly growth paper -seed paper

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Update time : 2022-12-26 16:49:17
What is raw paper? Growth paper, also known as Seed Paper, mainly adds seeds during the papermaking process, made of paper, and sprouts in the soil for about a week through a certain temperature and humidity. It is usually called seed paper.

Our first task for the seed paper factory is to ensure that the seeds on our seed paper are really germinated. That's why we are particularly adapted to printing printers and biodegradable inks. Because printing with ordinary printers or laser printers on growth paper will damage the seeds, they will no longer germinate. Our printer has been adjusted, so that the seeds have enough space, and our ink is completely biodegradable.
You will not leave any waste for paper cards made of seed paper. This is completely in line with the circular economy! In the circular economy, we ensure that all products are used for other purposes. Make your business emails, marketing activities, leaflets, desk calendars or other communication methods to make them more sustainable. It is not a waste paper for your customers, but flowers!

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