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8 different coasters, see all at once

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Update time : 2022-12-29 15:39:57
The new year is coming, many people plan to buy some new things, add some new atmosphere, and attract good luck.
For tea lovers, preparing some coasters for entertaining guests is a very cost-effective choice with good manners and low cost.
1.Paper Coaster
Paper coasters are mostly used in hotels, bars and other places. The main function is to absorb water, so that the water droplets on the edge of the cup will not diffuse everywhere, resulting in a mess on the table; of course, more coasters will be used to promote information.

2.MDF Coaster
The bottom surface of the MDF coaster is cork. The main function is anti-slip and heat insulation. The surface can be printed with the design you want, which is easy to clean. Because of its flexibility, it is the most popular type of coaster and has a long service life. for more than one year.

3.Cork coaster
Coasters made of wood are generally round or square, with their own texture. They look the same, but each piece is unique, fresh, elegant, and durable. It can also be printed into graphic images, most of which are used for silk screen printing, laser printing, and color printing

4.Glass coaster
The coaster made of frosted glass is light-transmitting, suitable for matching with light-colored teacups and dark-colored tea soup, which can better bring out the color and warmth of the soup.

5.Porcelain coasters
Porcelain coasters have high hardness, strong stain resistance, smooth shape, and good gloss. In addition to keeping the desktop clean, they are also very suitable for holding the bottom of tea leaves, so that people can observe the quality of tea.

6.Rattan coaster
The coasters hand-woven with rattan have a feeling of being close to nature, and they are thick and have good heat insulation performance, texture, and are resistant to falling. There is no knocking sound when placing the teacup.

7.Mixed Material Coasters
The coaster made of pine wood and resin has a unique shape, flowing beauty, light transmission, beautiful and practical. It can decorate the tea table and solve the problem of slippery cups.

8.Felt coasters
Felt is an environmentally friendly material, most of which are made of wool. It has good water absorption, skid resistance and heat insulation, and is easy to cut and engrave. It has strong plasticity and various styles.

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