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"A Seed of Hope" Environmentally Friendly Seed Paper

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Update time : 2022-09-26 16:30:02
         Soak the seed paper, then put it on top of the soil, and then lightly pour a layer of water, the seeds will slowly germinate and grow and then complete the sowing process; and the paper will be decomposed and returned to the land, which will not cause waste and harm to the environment. 
         Of course, there are still many people who don't know seed paper, and then ask what the seed paper looks like?
         In fact, seed paper is widely used in every corner of life, such as gift holiday cards, gift boxes, packaging boxes, shopping paper bags, red envelopes, postcards, clothing tags, flower shop cards, graduation thank you cards, corporate brochures, business cards, envelopes, Notebooks, diaries, etc. can be made. As long as it is a paper product, it can be made into the seed paper product you want.
            (Seed paper carton)                 (seed paper notebook)                   (Seed Paper Shopping Bag)                (Seed Paper Packaging Bag)
               (Seed paper tag)                       (seed paper shape card)                       (seed paper card)             (Seed Paper Folding Greeting Cards)

The seeds of seed paper are mostly customized, because each customer's preferences are different, and the factory stocking too much will cause the seeds to germinate in advance; therefore, for the quality of the product, the factory stocking is basically not much. The most important thing is customers can also customize the graphics of their favorite seeds and seed paper according to their own preferences.


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