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Breathing soil

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Author : Becky
Update time : 2019-06-20 14:16:42
The main raw material for diatom mud is diatomite, a diatom mineral formed over billions of years. Diatoms are algae that live in oceans and lakes.Diatom mud is a natural material deposited by diatoms, aquatic plankton living millions of years ago. The main component is opal, which is rich in various beneficial minerals. Its texture is light and soft。

Features 1: uniform color soil shape, high temperature coloring, after a large number of water color, not flow mud, with the palm of light press, with the effect of natural mud.

Features 2: powder, stirring, construction without any odor, no release of any harmful substances.

Features 3: quality of a material is exquisite, have tiny sand grain, suit to be in smooth and dry indoor metope construction.

Feature 4: water absorption, fire does not burn, no pungent odor.