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CUPPAD teaches you how to make a fruit coaster
DIY crystal drop glue dry flower coaster, not only to seal the beauty of flowers, but also to make a beautiful coaster, and each coaster is unique! Beautiful and practical.

DIY crystal drop adhesive flower coaster, not only sealed the beauty of flowers, and each piece is unique! Beautiful and practical.
This time is mainly to share with you the production process of the drop adhesive flower coaster ~ Materials to be prepared:
silicone mold
release spray
flower (dried flower)
plastic cup
crystal glue (AB glue)
wood stick
sewing needle
1. Prepare
Collect favorite flower petals and plant leaves, then press into dried flowers for use.

2. Dispensing drops
In accordance with the 2:1 ratio, pour A glue and B glue into two separate plastics, respectively, and ensure that the ratio is 2:1 after weighing. Then mix the A and B glue together, using a wooden stick to stir in one direction until it is completely mixed, not too fast to avoid creating too many bubbles. After mixing, let it sit for a few minutes to let some of the bubbles disappear.

3. Start pouring
In order for the finished product to fall off easily after drying, it is necessary to spray a layer of release spray on the surface of the mold. Then the prepared glue, pour into the silicone mold, note that only half of the injection oh.

4. Design patterns
Put the dried flowers on the surface of the drops, and you can combine them according to your own ideas. It is important to note that the petal face is best downward, because next, another layer of dripping glue is poured on the surface.

5. Repouring
When you have finished placing the dried flowers, pour in the drops again to cover the entire surface of the dried flowers. During the process, be gentle to ensure that the dried flowers do not shift. After pouring, use a needle to pick out the bubbles.

6. Let dry After completion, let the drops dry for 24-48 hours, let the drops cure thoroughly and then release the mold.

7. Finish the production After the drops are completely dry, Finished.

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