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Have you ever heard of seed paper?

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Update time : 2022-09-09 14:52:43
Maybe there are a lot of people who don't know what seed paper is, okay, let me tell you~
Seed Paper is in the process of making paper, seeds are added to wood pulp, which can be dyed with various colors, thereby producing paper containing seeds, which is called seed paper.
(This is a brand new environmentally friendly product. After the paper is used, it can be discarded in the soil. At the right time and temperature and humidity, the seeds in the paper can germinate and grow into small seedlings)

In order to make the hand-made special craft paper more colorful, the workers who make the hand-made paper mix the seeds of these shrubs, plants and flowers into the pulp. Because the whole process of making the hand-made paper is completely environmentally friendly and pollution-free, the seeds are completely in the pulp. Not affected.
After the paper is finished, the seeds still live in the paper.

The steps are simple:
Soak the seed paper in water for two hours
Put some soil in the milk carton
Put the seed paper on the soil, cover it with a thin layer of soil, and pour some water to soak the soil. Next, put the box in a cool place, keep the soil moist, and wait for germination~
The proliferation of technology harms the environment, and perhaps returning man-made objects to nature is an important way for future business alternatives.

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