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How to choose coasters ?
Modern users of the shape of the coaster also began to break the routine, from the beginning of the round and square, to the present heart, hexagon, cat shape, etc., more people began to use the various styles of the holiday to customize the coaster, so the extension of the coaster began to have the pot mat, placemat, decorative art and other uses, in a true sense to achieve a multi-purpose cushion.

1.How to choose coasters
aMaterial properties
Coasters should be water-resistant, ironing, abrading and scratch-resistant. Of course, the most important product is exquisite and of good quality

bColor selection
Such as: Choosing a monochrome coasters and a multi-colored coasters will bring great visual difference to the placement of cups. Of course, now monochrome coasters have been almost eliminated by demanders, who think that multi-color matching is the most reasonable choice. Because through a variety of color coaster can make cup, desktop, even household environment get ornament and promotion and can let you drink at the same time the mood feels cheerful.

cDemand for coasters
In today's increasingly strong demand for coasters, high quality is the important first choice of users, and all kinds of complex patterns and logos on coasters can directly achieve certain publicity effects.
Modern user for the shape of the cup mat also began to break free from conventions, from the beginning of round and square, to the heart, hexagon, cat shape, etc., variety style more and more people began to use holiday to customize the cup mat, cup mat so extension of began to have the pot pad, placemat such as use, implements coaster on real significance is multi-purpose.

2.What is the role of coasters?
aHeat insulation effect
Coasters insulate the table or end table from being burned.

bAdvertising role
Coasters have the function of advertising. The coasters are printed with the Logo of the company or enterprise. The coasters, which are widely used in daily life, can make people have an impression on the advertisement on the pattern, or generate interest to understand. This makes coasters have a great advertising role

cGive to friends as a small gift or souvenir
holidays or birthdays, making them a good souvenir or gift.

dDecorate your desk
There are more and more types of coasters. For different tea sets, tables or cups, coasters with different patterns and styles can bring different feelings to people, and also reflect taste.

It can add tea tasting atmosphere, taste and beauty, add color to the whole tea tasting process!
After the use of coasters should be cleaned in time, if it is bamboo, wood and other materials, after use should be ventilated and dried.