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October new product seed paper wedding flow sheet fan

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Author : caicai
Update time : 2022-10-14 17:00:12
  Custom Wedding Seed Paper Fan  
This hand held fan in flower seed paper is an all natural item with variations in the flower petal colors.Beat the summer heat during the ceremony and reception! A thoughtful gift for your guests, attendants and parents. Great way to add an elegant touch to your wedding and you can compost it or even plant it and watch flowers bloom. Attach any of our favor tags to create a cooling escort card.
As consumers begin to use seed paper to make holiday cards, wedding invitations and commemorative cards, it is obvious that this product also has emotional components. In fact, you will know the origin of every flower and plant clearly, and remember the scene of receiving this gift at the beginning. It really creates the emotional memory of anything you want to commemorate, and no one who can't plant falls in love with planting.


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