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Seed paper can also be very life~

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Update time : 2022-12-27 15:15:49
Seed paper can also be very life. Printing the content on the seed paper not only achieves content dissemination, but also allows customers to plant after receiving the thoughtful paper card, which is environmentally friendly and fun at the same time.

Seed selection: Not every kind of seed is suitable for making applicable paper. In addition to particle size, germination rate, and seasonal changes, other factors should be considered.

The current material seeds are: sesame, cone chrysanthemum, sunflower, poppies, black heart chrysanthemum.
Custom-made optional common seeds: sesame, campanula, cockscomb, mint, clover, sunflower, cornflower, snapdragon, poppy, lavender and other seeds.

Planting tips:
Start by moistening the seed paper and placing it in a pot indoors, or on soil in an outdoor garden. Cover the planting paper with about 1 cm of soil. Water the paper daily to keep it moist. The first plants will sprout in about a week, but in most cases you'll see the first green shoots within a few days. The best time to grow outdoors is mid-May to October. It can be grown year-round in pots, but make sure to always provide enough light and water for your seed paper to grow.