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What kind of benefits should we media give fans?

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Update time : 2023-01-05 16:28:26
Now that the Internet is developing rapidly, we media has become a sideline or full-time job for many people. Many we media want to give benefits to their fans in order to thank their fans who have always supported them; what kind of benefits to distribute is also a question worth thinking about question~

After all, there are some self-media that they have relatively few advertisements to receive at the beginning, and there are no gifts or gifts from merchants, so they need to go online to select and evaluate one by one. Moreover, there are too many fans, so we can only use some lucky fans to send fan benefits; in this case, the number of fans that can be sent is much less, and it takes a long time.

CUPPAD can give some ideas of giving gifts to fans from the self-media. For example, it can be environmental protection that fits the current social concerns, similar to green and environmentally friendly gifts, and this environmentally friendly gift can also drive your own fans to protect the environment together, and it can also help you Self-achievement of an environmental label.

Green and environmentally friendly gifts have a relatively special product "seed paper". I believe many people have never heard of this product. Seed paper is a special kind of environmentally friendly paper. It is made of recycled paper products, and wild flowers and herbs are embedded in the process. Made from plant or vegetable seed material. When you plant this paper in a pot of soil or in your garden, the seeds on the paper will germinate and grow into plants.
Seed paper can also be made into a variety of products, such as coasters, notebooks, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, hang tags, admission tickets, etc.
Now that the New Year is approaching, you can customize some seed paper calendars or seed paper red envelopes to distribute this environmentally friendly and interesting gift to fans; the used calendars can be placed in flowerpots and planted as flowers. Of course, you can also customize all kinds of seeds you like, such as poppies, sunflowers, mint, snowballs, etc.; and customizing this seed paper is more affordable than other welfare products, and the quantity can also be customized. The more fans you send, I believe that the fans who receive the gift will also give you feedback on their planting~
This kind of seed paper has individual seeds on its surface. It looks like a very grainy paper. If you put it in the sun and look at it, you can see a lot of seeds distributed inside.
A piece of soft and grainy seed paper will be planted into a green plant that brings vitality to the earth~