Coaster information sharing
CUPPAD teaches you how to make a fruit coaster
DIY crystal drop glue dry flower coaster, not only to seal the beauty of flowers, but also to make a beautiful coaster, and each coaster is unique! Beautiful and practical.
How to choose coasters ?
Modern users of the shape of the coaster also began to break the routine, from the beginning of the round and square, to the present heart, hexagon, cat shape, etc., more people began to use the various styles of the holiday to customize the coaster, so the extension of the coaster began to have the pot mat, placemat, decorative art and other uses, in a true sense to achieve a multi-purpose cushion.
It is a brand-new material, eco-friendly. Strong water absorption and easy to clean.
The main raw material of diatom mud is diatomaceous earth, which is a diatom mineral formed over billions of years. Diatoms are algae that live in oceans and lakes. Diatom mud is the natural material deposited by diatoms, aquatic plankton that lived millions of years ago, mainly known as....
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