• Customizable High quality color rendition paper placemat 42*28cm
  • 定制高品质纸餐垫规格42*28cm
  • Customizable High quality color rendition paper placemat 42*28cm
  • 定制高品质纸餐垫规格42*28cm

Customizable High quality color rendition paper placemat 42*28cm


Material: paper


Thickness:110g/per square,0.25mm

Color: CMYK Printing, PMS printing,hot stamping

Packing:50 pcs/ set,60 pcs/ set,80 pcs/set,100pcs/set etc

MOQ:1000 sets

Packing:48sets /outer b

  • Customizable High quality color rendition paper placemat 42*28cm
  • 定制高品质纸餐垫规格42*28cm

  Paper Placemat   

Our High quality paper is not easy to be damaged even drop water on it.
Paper is natural material.Pure wood pulb, non-toxic, Environmental protection.High quality paper Eorro of each paper Not over"+""_"0.05mmEqually distributed,Printing fine and smooth,The front side is color printing paper,will add an additional layer of protection your furnishings, and provide a stylish accent piece to your home or business.

we are paper placemat  is very stylish, useful, and affordable. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of paper placemat.Try the charming floral pattern paper placemats for your garden parties or afternoon tea.
 Product information 
Material: Paper
Thick:110g paper
Span:1 time use
Printing:CMYK or PMS print
Standard Size:42x28cm
Packing:50 pcs as one set with shrink wrap

Customized: Material Shape Style
Logo  Size Image
Color Phrase/Letter/Numerals Design

Your custom paper placemat can be designed and printed in various colors and styles to match your event or personality. You have the freedom to design the custom placemat in any shape, size, or color.
Benefits of custom Placemat:
1. They can be used as promotional items.
2. Custom paper Placemat are a fun and unique way to show your personality or promote your brand.
3.Paper Placemat can Keep your desk clean and tidy

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   Add Flair to Your Tables with Paper Placemats   

Our range of products include Square  Placemat, Rectangle Placemat, Square Placemat, Scallop Placemat, Large Oval Placemat and Small Oval Placemat.

Your little guests will find all the interesting activities you can imagine while waiting for your food to arrive in a restaurant. enjoy an eco-friendly approach to dining for many meals to come. 

    Why should you choose us?    
Superior quality, ideal size & a design for everyone.
There are all kinds of themed paper placemats, so many designs to choose from. Show your personality!  
Whether it's bright colours, or subtle black & white designs, seeing what you enjoy gives you a more positive work space.

Great Prices
We offer competitive pricing on any size order, from short runs as low as 1000 paper placemat to high volume orders into the millions! We have standard pricing for common quantities and can provide custom quotes.

Fast Delivery 
Whether your order is large or small, you’ll receive your personalized placemat fast. Custom orders are shipped out within 10 to 15 working days from the time your artwork is submitted and approved.Our products are of high quality as well as high speed. Please feel free to choose us ~