Eco- friendly printed seed paper

Product Information:
Product Name:Eco- friendly printed seed paper
Material: Plant Fiber
Size: Can Be Custom
Thickness: 0.4 cm 280g
Color: CMYK Printing
MOQ : 5000 sets

  What is seed paper?  
Seed paper is a special eco-friendly paper ,Our Seed Paper is handmade from raw pulp paper materials embedded with wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds. When you plant the paper in a pot of soil or outside in a garden, the seeds in the paper germinate and grow into plants.

    Key Features    
 1. Our Seed Paper is handmade from raw pulp paper
 2. One or Both Sides of Eco-Friendly seed paper Can Be Digitally Imprinted with Graphics
 3. Seed Paper is Embedded with USDA-Approved, Non-GMO Wildflower Seeds
 4. Highest Quality Seed Paper in the Industry, Guaranteed to Grow in Any Climate Zone
 5. All 21 Color Shades Are Made with All Natural, Soy-Based Pigments
 6. Customize the Size of to Meet Your Branding Needs
 7. Ready-To-Plant Seed Paper Will Bloom Into Beautiful Garden
 8. Our seed paper is made by hand material and embedded with a hardy mixture of wildflower seeds. Won’t damage the seeds.

Product Size:  customized 
Product type:  customized 
Usage: hanging tag, name card, greeting card, packing box, etc
Seed type:   Poppy, lavender, black heart chrysanthemum, wild chrysanthemum,Daisy, mixed seeds  (Can be customized )

 1.Can be choose from our pre-designed Holiday artwork.
 2.can be custom design you love.
We can customize the seeds you need according to your requirements.
 4.Send us your camera-ready logo and we’ll do the rest.Or fully customize.

  Growth process  

    1.Soak the seed paper for                   2.Put the seed paper into             3.Let the seeds germinate and grow
       30 minutes                                            the soil 

  Pure Seed Paper Is Used  

We choose pure seed paper material, using the ancient method of artificial paper, natural drying paper without stratification,Do not drop the seed, degradable and environmental protection, we choose high quality seed planting, greatly improve the seed growth rate.

                              Our seed paper                                                                Other seed paper
     The paper and seeds are fused tightly, the paper               Paper cracking stratified, easy to drop seeds,
     is not layered, the seeds will not fall                                    black color.

     Our products have good fiber quality, clear printing         Other seed paper wet words will be fuzzy, completely
     patterns in water, and bright colors                                   can not see the content

                                  Our paper                                                                        Other paper
Pure hand - made paper, germination rate is very high        The germination rate of other seed papers is very low​

   Quality assurance  
Our seed paper is handmade paper with seeds in it.
Most of the seeds in the market are produced by industrial machines and dried in high heat.
The hand-made paper is naturally dried to ensure it does not damage the seeds.