letterpress printing Paper Pins

Product Information:
Material: Paper
Size: Can Be Custom
Thickness: 0.8 mm 700 g
Color: CMYK Printing
MOQ : 5000 sets
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    Paper Badge  
Paper badges mainly use letterpress printing technology, which is cumbersome and delicate. Most of the products are produced by an old-fashioned Heidelberg-style, car letterpress printing machine produced in West Germany in 1952, also known as "little monsters".
He can attach the ink to the letterpress and press it directly into the paper, making the paper product with a concave and convex texture, giving it a more interesting expression, tactile feeling, and showing the temperature of manual work. This also determines that the operation steps are cumbersome. It needs to go through a series of steps such as making letterpress, manual ink adjustment and inking, and manual adjustment of the printing position. Moreover, only one color can be printed at a time, and designs with many colors need to be repeated continuously. above steps. Due to the particularity of the printing method, almost all of the paper used is high-grade cotton paper imported from abroad for collection. The printing inks are also all printed with spot colors based on the pantone system. The printing process is cumbersome and laborious, but rich and interesting.

paper paper  ,paper pin badge
Paper badges can not only be worn decoratively, but also can be used for special art paper, and can also be sprayed with perfume on it to achieve the effect of lingering and spreading fragrance, killing two birds with one stone. But remember to avoid the front and spray perfume from the back of the badge~
700g cotton paper
letterpress (The graphics have a bumpy texture) + special-shaped die-cutting
stainless steel pin

The product as shown in the following figure: It needs to go through a series of steps such as making letterpress, manual ink adjustment and inking, and manual adjustment of the printing position. Only one color can be printed at a time. The following design diagram has yellow, red and black, so it needs to be divided into Colored three times.

              1. Print yellow                                 2.Print red                                3. Print black           

                                                                    4.Die cutting molding

    How to Custom    
As shown in the picture below, send your design to us, confirm the documents with you, make samples for you to see the finished products, No amendment suggestion,and finally make mass products.
Welcome send picture customization, we can customize according to the graphics and images you want!

   Manual Toning Color Process   

           1. Adjust the ink                           2. Add the template                        3. Final shape

    More use   

Can pin in any clothing you like, can also be put on the car to add fun, on the back of the paper badge spray a little perfume, this faint fragrance is more addictive

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