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About us
Guangzhou Xiang An Art Craft Manufacturing Co.Ltd is a world's leading manufacturer for coasters and paper air fresheners, providing good quality products and comprehensive services for trading companies, import and export groups, wholesalers, souvenir companies, furniture companies and name brands from 80 countries and regions worldwide. With the rapid growth by the rate of 30% each year. We focus on the principle of product innovation and outstanding quality as to create more profits and offer to customers. In addition, we will invest 12% of the total annual sales in product innovation and equipment replacement. More importantly, we cooperated with domestic well-known designers, providing a series of finepractical products, which is important for us to guarantee that our customers will lead the market. Our company firmly adheres to the sustainable innovation, forges ahead with determination and strives for customer'sprofit. We have modernized standard factory in Guangzhou, China where there are ....
Why Choose Us?
Our production principle is only to do the best quality, because only good product quality, there will be a steady stream of partners recognize us. Give us a chance to get to know each other, you will also be tempted by good quality products.
Our MDF coaster the edges are smooth with oil which is formed after many times of grinding.

Other manufacturers edge are rough with burrs which might be hurt your hands and the surface is uneven printing.
MDF is our competitive product, because the surface coating is anti-scratch film and waterproof and heat-insulated feature. our printing is vivid and not fade.Overall smooth without raised impurities
Our seeds are the seed paper made by purchasing brand seed company with the new seeds embedded in the pulp of that year, and the germination rate is as high as 90% in the test. You can see from the picture above that some seeds have not yet grown out of the paper
Figure A is the product sample of other seed paper, their products are printed with broken ink ,and the color is not full, and the touch is like poor quality paper.

B picture is our own product, you can see the obvious color contrast, full and very perfect color, even a small font can be printed very clear and full color
We have attended lots of exhibition in Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou and Foreign exhibition. It is nice to talk with all friends and establish long-term partnership.your trust ,our commitment.our team will make sure the best quality and professional service to your business.
Frequently Asked Questins
Are you manufacturer or trading company ?
Yes, we are factory over 10 years and we have own brand product in china. so we pay attention to quality
Could you send me a quotation?
Sure, before the exactly quotation we need information followed:
   1.Product material :cardboard,wood ect.
   2. Package type: in bulk, opp bag, gift box etc. 
   3.The size range of your product .
   4.Product with printed or not
   5. Order quantity.
   6.Please show us your sample picture if you have.
Why the seed paper cost is higher than others ?
Because our seed paper is handmade not machine and naturally dried, that keeps the seeds alive for plantable. Therefore, the efficiency is not as fast as the machine, and the labor cost is high.
When can you get the sample at the soonest?
According to the factory's scheduling situation, the proofing can be completed and mailed in 2 days.