Profiled seed paper card case
This is a seed paper case to share ~
A customer customized a batch of samples from another Chinese seed paper factory before finding us, but the customer found that the seed paper card would fade when it came into contact with water.  This fading phenomenon made him feel bad, originally to let guests see the seed paper's creativity and utility.  Also in order to make the guests have sticky to do this batch of seed paper cards, the results of their own testing and planting found that the seed paper cards soaked in water are constantly fading, and the water in the basin has become a basin of muddy color, this moment his heart feels terrible.
(Faded seed paper)
The customer then approached us and asked if our seed paper products would fade.  We were very surprised at his question.
Why does it fade?
Our answers must not fade
We immediately recorded a video of seed paper soaked in water for the guest.  Even if we squeezed the seed paper hard, it would not fade.  At the same time, we explained that we used soybean vegetable ink, which is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.
And our printing equipment is very advanced, even a small font can be printed very clearly; It is because of this that our price is a little more expensive than other factories.
We are only responsible for the pursuit of quality buyers.
(Our seed paper)
After the guest received the seed paper we made, he gave us a real feedback:he compared the quality of the seed paper we made with the faded seed paper, and indeed our quality is very good, from the full color, clarity and texture are very big differences.