Xiang'an Seed Paper | Customer Order Sharing-Planting Seed Cards

Product specification: 7*7 cm
Printing process: double-sided color printing

Seed type: black sesame (germination cycle 3-4 days)

This kind of plantable card, which is wrapped with plant seeds (customizable), is added during the papermaking process, and the whole process needs to be handmade to ensure successful germination.

If it is machine-made paper, the seeds are easily necrotic after high temperature, so this kind of seed paper will be a little more expensive than ordinary paper.

The interest of "seed paper" is because it can germinate and be planted.
More importantly, the "raw material" of seed paper is made of recycled waste paper, which is tree-free, zero-cutting, and degradable. The main purpose is to better promote environmental protection, so seeds are added to the paper to let it germinate.
It is also for the purpose that it will no longer be a pile of garbage after use, but a piece of green after planting.