Jun.2023 26
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Infuse paper with soul "seed paper".
Seed paper can also be very life, the content is printed on the seed paper, both to achieve content dissemination, customers receive intimate paper cards can also be planted, environmental protection at the same time also add fun.

Seed paper is a new type of environment-friendly paper, which can also be called life paper.
It's a brand new idea, made by hand. In the process of making paper, paper makers add plant seeds to the pulp.
The seeds are kept alive by hand and can sprout at the right temperature and humidity.
Thanks to the unique creativity and environmental protection of seed paper, customized postcards, greeting cards, packaging boxes and other brand labels made by letterpress printing have the BUFF of “High-end ", which improves the grade and is also more environmentally friendly.

But the point is! Our seed PAPER IS customized!!
In other words, you can do DIY with the seeds of your favorite flowers and plants. Such as peppermint, rose, clover, and the seeds and even petals of Yumei can "inject soul" into the paper, and the finished product is very simple and natural.