Seed Paper Information Sharing
Have you ever heard of seed paper?
Seed Paper is in the process of making paper, seeds are added to wood pulp, which can be dyed with various colors, thereby producing..
What is the process of making the tag?
Bronzing is a kind of post-processing of fabric style. The process principle is basically the same as bronzing, but the materials used for the two are different. In appearance, one has a golden....
Waste reduction is one of the important factors of sustainability
According to related news reports, as of 2015, some 6.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced. Only 9% is recycled, 12% is incinerated, and a whopping 79% ends up in landfills and...
What is Green seed Paper?
As we all know, the production of paper requires the felling of a large number of trees, and today, when the demand for paper is only increasing, this will undoubtedly cause a certain degree of waste of natural resources...
Reflecting on the importance of the planet, environmental protection is not just an individual impact
Not least because deforestation and other unsustainable practices should be stopped! Green plants are important elements to purify the air...
Infuse paper with soul "seed paper".
Seed paper can also be very life, the content is printed on the seed paper, both to achieve content dissemination, customers receive intimate paper cards can also be planted, environmental protection at the same time also add fun.
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